Stay Healthy During the Holidays


Make sure your holiday spirit is top notch by taking care of yourself and staying healthy. Here are some great ways to keep active and happy during the most wonderful time of the year.
Flue Shots: Getting flu shots is highly recommended for people who are susceptible to serious illnesses such as the seasonal flu, the common cold, Norovirus, acute ear infections, and Bronchitis. Flu shots help keep off the harmful diseases for a while as the illnesses passes through the community. There are many different types of flu shots out there. One of the very common ones is nasal spray. It is directed mainly to younger children from the ages of 2-8. In August 2014, health officials said that nasal spray was the preferred vaccine for children because it prevented fifty percent more flu cases than the flu shot. The only let down is that the nasal spray is not always readily available, in this case parents should get their kids the flu shot instead.

Make sure you wash your hands: Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent illness from spreading. Make sure you have soap on your hands as your rinse them. If soap is not available, use a alcohol based hand sanitizer. Although hand sanitizer is effective for killing germs, it is not quite as effective as using a bar of soap. Washing your hands many times a day is the best way to go. Some examples of good times to wash your hands are; before and after preparing a meal, before and after caring for an animal, after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing, and after caring for an ill person.

Drink water: Water is such a helpful resource that sometimes we take it for granted. Drinking eight ounces of water four or more times a day helps reduce stress and fatigue. Also, it helps with much more. Water prevents cramps and pains in your body after a long workout and also when you are sick. Water boosts the immune system because it wakes up the mind and opens the heart. Drinking water is a great way to prevent illness.

Get enough sleep: Sleep is crucial when the day has been full and energy is lacking. A teenager generally needs 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep tends to lead to poor grades in school, due to loss of concentration. Eyes begin drooping and the mind shuts down. According to research, a majority of teenagers in Canada are “over scheduled”. Between school, after school jobs, and family activities, teens have very little time to relax. Make sure to get 2-4 more hours of sleep on the weekends than you do on the week days.

Stay bundled up outside: Staying warm is very important during the winter. Shivering can cause your muscles to tighten. Make sure to keep the house warm as well. Put a fire in the fireplace when getting home from work or school, or turn the heater on. Wear layers and make sure to take some off if you get too warm.