Editors in Chief Leave Lasting Mark on Rogue News

Time to say goodbye to some of Rogue News’ finest


Editors in Chief: McGough, Kiesling and Bestor. photo by Kleya Dhenin

Allison French, Adviser

Going against all of the basic rules of journalism, today’s news is all about the Editors in Chief.
Regina McGough, Tim Kiesling and Sarah Bestor have transformed our online newspaper to the ranks of awesomeness. This year, these three managed to launch a brand new website, cajole their reporters to post over 100 stories and taught lessons on Photoshop, photography and journalistic style. They did all of this while simultaneously encouraging kindness and acceptance.
They will be missed in the Rogue Newsroom. Here’s to your bright and shining futures!

“Sarah, Tim, and Regina are three of the most genuine, enthusiastic and hard working goofballs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”
~Zaida LaRose

Sarah: “Always the energy of the class.”
Tim: “Always late but always gets here. ”
Regina: “Always getting us to work harder. ”
~ YG

“Regina, she’s a grouchy-pants, but a rather lovely grouchy-pants.

Regina, you’re the best.

Tim, stay cool.

Sarah, don’t ever change, you’re amazing.

I want to be like all of you when I’m a senior. I’ll miss you guys!”

~Elena Patterson

“Regina is a great editor and person, I have really enjoyed being in class with her and her editing my papers and I’ll miss not having this class next year and her not being my editor.

Sarah is a cool and lively person. She always knows what words to use and how to put a great article together.

Tim’s a cool dude and his photography is amazing. Although he’s late all the time…”
~Milla Goldsmith

“Regina is literally the model senior. The activities of playing Pokemon and late night editing contain one of the things that we both enjoy doing; playing Pokemon. Fortunately for us naive freshmen-soon-to-be-sophomores, Regina takes over the unsavory sides of journalism (like late night editing).”
~Sinaed Pyle

“Tim actually is the best. (in a tie with all of the other editors, but the best.) It was nice that he showed us photography skills, and how to (sorta) use Photoshop.”
~Sinaed Pyle

“I love the way that Sarah announces exactly how she feels and what we need to expect from her in terms of her emotions. It’s nice not having to guess how she feels in the morning. Also her stories are hilarious.”
~Sinaed Pyle

Tim, Sarah, and Regina have been a huge inspiration to me. Their passion
and dedication for Rogue News is outstanding and I hope when I am a senior
I can be as helpful, kind, and welcoming as they have been to me.
~Lili Smith

“To my editors, first off, I always wondered how this year was going to play out. Sarah, I would like to apologize for getting side tracked so easily, your constant energy helped me and the rest of the class be productive. Regina, your love of Pokemon is the best thing ever and thank you for editing most of my gaming stories. Tim, thanks to you I can take even better photos, I still don’t know how to photo shop but thank you for always being there to help me out with that. I always wondered how we got anything done, but we did and that is why I’m grateful.”
Colin Timmons

“Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” In this spirit I speak of this years editors. Throughout this year they have looked to what is best for each individual with compassion and the wisdom that comes with being a senior.”
~Karl Moeglein

“The editors bring a great energy to the class. Whether it’s Sarah lip syncing Taylor Swift’s ‘Out of the Woods’ into a white board marker, Tim walking in late with a huge smile, or Regina yelling about the newest random thing in her life. I will miss them all dearly and wish them luck in their future endeavors!”
~ Kleya Dhenin