Valentine’s Day: Love It: In A Relationship

Dale Fulton, Reporter

February the 14 is one of the most exciting milestones of the year, especially when you are in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is often a chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to give relationships a new and exciting spark. Not only do the chocolate and flowers cause good feelings overall, but they are also a symbol of effort presented in a gift. The true magic happens during date night, when two people can spend time together either by starting a relationship or strengthening an existing one. It does not matter whether it consists of dinner and a movie or walking around town holding hands. Often little acts of kindness and affection are overlooked in a relationship, however when February rolls around, the little things start to take shape, forming into a waterfall of perfect excitement and joy for the upcoming holiday. There are many exciting stories of romantic Valentine’s Day dates or experiences and if you can give your Valentine their own incredible fairy tale day, you will have enough brownie points to last a century or two. However, better than brownie points is seeing that person smile ear to ear, or feeling their excitement with the simple act of being with you on Valentine’s Day. Another aspect of February 14 is the presentation of an appropriate time and reason to ask someone to be your Valentine, which could evolve into something more than a simple crush. In short, Valentine’s Day is one of the single most important and exciting holidays for people in or seeking a relationship. For these reasons and more, Valentine’s Day is an exciting, fun, and amazing holiday to spend with that special someone.