Valentine’s Day: Hate It: Single

Spencer Hills, Reporter

Valentine’s Day: the one day of the year the men summon sufficient courage to ask the love of their lives out. Just ask the person out on Christmas, the beginning or end of summer, Thanksgiving, or any available time in your schedule! This terrible day turns anyone wanting to ask the love of their life out on a date into a total wuss who can’t even muster up enough courage to say “I love you” on every other day besides valentine’s day. Now I get when you’re nervous at the thought of dating but at least get to know the person you like and reach out to them. Furthermore, no relationship lasts if love is shared on only one day of the year! This weekend is just as great of a day to give your special someone that big fuzzy teddy bear or tub of vegemite as any other day so get out there and do it.
Then there’s the price of items on Valentine’s Day. Have you seen how expensive everything is? It’s outrageous how much businesses sap the people of their money for just one day! You wait till Valentine’s Day or even the day before that $1 teddy bear becomes $20. Now you might enjoy giving away $20 for your loved one, but most of us should stay out of debt and instead practice Valentine’s Day every day of the year. Then there’s the fact that so many relationships break up or ruin people’s lives all because of this horrendous day. All in all Valentine’s Day in our modern era has turned into a holiday for relationships, your partner, your bank, and your life to all break and decay.