Young Conservatives

Fourteen states in our nation have 25 successful school voucher programs. Vouchers are a way that parents can determine their child’s educational path to help them succeed in their future. Bringing voucher programs to more public schools would significantly improve the public school’s quality of education because they would have to compete with private schools in order to keep students attending that school. Americans already pay taxes that go toward public school education. Inadequate schools lose money and will eventually close because they are unable to meet the standards required. That leaves Americans paying unnecessary taxes for schools that aren’t fulfilling educational needs. People may argue that voucher programs are just another way to weed out the good schools from the bad, leading to the closure of more public schools. However, competition is the main baseline in the capitalist government that America has today. Forcing these schools to gain way for their government funding will create a better learning environment, and better education for lower and middle class students. Getting better education in areas of poverty, and allowing these students living in poverty to be a part of the voucher program, will help overcome racial and minority segregation. School vouchers will allow lower-income parents to get a better education for their kids without having to worry about racial segregation and violence in their learning environment in schools with low educational performance. According to The World Top 20 Projects, the United States’ educational system is ranked number 16 in the world. The United States has a very strong economy, but why can’t our public schools and education be just as strong? Making it more enjoyable and safer for all American kids to attend public schools or be a part of the voucher program will rapidly increase America’s educational performance like it has done in the Milwaukee and Cleveland schools. Voucher programs are not a waste of taxpayers’ money. They will help the youth of America educationally move forward and strengthen our nation.