Holly Jolly Yule Lads

Who are the Yule Lads?

The Yule Lads are from Icelandic Christmas folklore. They go to everyone’s houses to leave gifts in their shoes, but only if they’re good. If not, they leave rotting potatoes. One comes each day for 13 days leading up to Christmas, all with individual quirks and tricks. Let us go through my 6 favorite lads and what they do.



Sheep Cote Clod

Sheep Cote Clod is the very first Yule Lad to arrive come Christmas time in Iceland. He comes on the 12th of December and will harass your sheep, although with difficulty due to his peg legs.








Stubby is a cute, abnormally small, creature that breaks into your house and steals your pans. What does he do with said pans? Eats the crust off them, of course!





Door Slammer



Door Slammer has an affinity for guess what? Slamming doors. A man of simple tastes. He loves to slam doors especial- ly during the night. So if you ever hear a bumpin’.





Doorway Sniffer


Doorway sniffer has an abnormally large nose and in turn, a fantastic olfactory system. He uses it to locate Icelandic leaf bread. For eating. Because he’s hungry.






Spoon Licker



Spoon licker loves Þvörur, a wooden spoon with a long handle. He is extraordinarily skinny because of his extreme malnutrition.






Bowl Licker



Bowl licker is quite a character in that he steals a specific type of bowl called an ‘askur.’ It’s not known what he does with said bowl, but it’s presumed that he licks it.