Decorating Your Room for Fall

During autumn 2020, we are staying cooped up in our rooms due to online school, and we definitely need a little direction of how to go about celebrating fall and still keep the spirit of sweater weather alive. Spicing up your bedroom with some fall decor is the perfect activity to make your bedroom an enjoyable and cozy workspace as well as something fun to do while stuck inside 

Arm-Knit Blanket — In the thick of fall and the guaranteed cold of the winter months approaching, a blanket to conserve warmth is the obvious option. Teresa Carter, the creator of the arm-knit blanket, has got this down to a tee with her DIY arm-knit blanket, which makes for the perfect fall activityArm-knit blankets are popular DIY blankets crafted from a complicated pattern of slipknots, yet they are worth making in order to adorn your room with a trendy fuzzy blanket. All you need is a spool of bulky yarn, some scissors, a pair of hands, and a little help from Martha Stewart’s online how-to guide.  

Fairy Lights — Amidst the darkening days, a little light is absolutely necessary. Fairy lights are the ideal choice. In addition to providing light to an otherwise dark room, fairy lights provide the perfect atmosphere for a fall bedroom. You can find a string of over 60 feet of small sparkling lights at the Twinkle Star Store on Amazon for cheap, and more than enough lights to wrap all the way around your bedroom.  

Small Pumpkins and Gourds — With Halloween quickly approaching, a bright splash of color to set the tone of fall is absolutely necessary. This time of year, farmer’s markets and supermarkets will be selling small pumpkins and gourds. These can be painted, carved, or simply placed in strategic places around your room to get the fall vibes flowing.  

 Candles — Equally important to the atmospheric lighting and vivid fall colors is a wonderful aroma. The answer to this mind-numbing dilemma? Candles. Obviously. It’s hard to go wrong with some classic pumpkin spice scented candles and even harder to go wrong when making your own candles. The little mason jar DYI candles that you can find how to make on are great for not only an aesthetically pleasing room decoration but for creating a customized scent that is just right for you.  


Have a cozy fall, y’all!