What Halloween Candies do Ashland High School Students like?

Rogue News polled some Ashland High School students on Instagram and asked them what they thought about the different candies that get eaten during Halloween.

Digital drawings of Halloween Candies

These are AHS’s Top 10 favorite Halloween Candies:

  1. Sour Patch Kids

  2. Kitkats

  3. Reese’s

  4. M&Ms

  5. Starbursts

  6. Twix

  7. Nerds

  8. Skittles

  9. Milky Way

  10.  Gummy Bears

And AHS students least favorites are: 

Licorice and Candy Corn!

Do you agree with this list? What’s your favorite candy? Comment below!

And have a safe and happy Halloween!  

Art by Isa Martinez Moore