Punny Halloween Costumes

Everyone loves a good pun. And everyone loves a clever Halloween costume! So why not combine them? Here are some hilarious Halloween costumes that involve a funny pun!



“Pasta La Vista”


You’ve seen a good Terminator costume but have you seen one holding a bowl of spaghetti?

This costume is a carb-loaded take on the Terminators classic catchphrase “Hasta La

Vista Baby!” All you need is some killer sunglasses, a black outfit, and some homemade

Spaghetti! And make sure you nail that Schwarzenegger accent down!




“Chick Magnet”


Want to finally be able to call yourself a chick magnet? Then this is the costume for you only

this time it’s literal. This costume will be so fun for people to guess and try to figure out

what it is! All you need to do is cut out a U shaped piece of cardboard, paint it like a

magnet, and then slap some of those cute toy chicks on there!






“Cereal Killer”


There’s a lot of people that dress up as a serial killer for Halloween. But most of

them don’t mean it like this! This take on a serial killer will have people laughing

instead of running! And maybe they’ll be a bit hungry too. All you need is to paint

some cardboard to look like your favorite box of cereal and then add some blood and

carry a fake knife!








Did you go through that phase where you were really interested in Ancient

Egyptian Mythology? Do you like sharks? If the answers are yes then this costume is

perfect for you! All you need is one of those funny shark costumes and then dress it up

like a gold sarcophagus! It’s a funny and unusual combo and will definitely make

you a conversation starter!



Do you have any other ideas for a good “Punny” Halloween costume? Comment them below! And have a fun and safe Halloween!


Puns provided by Tyler Poland

Art by Isa Martinez Moore