Quaran – tivities for Boredom!


Boredom is something that may feel more pressing due to the endless amounts of time on our hands. Those with creative minds may find themselves restless and extremely uninterested with their day to day life. Hobbies and arts and crafts have always been something that people turn to when they need to get those creative wheels turning, but now we need them more than ever. Check out these activities to get some ideas on what to do! 


Bracelet Making


Let’s start basic. With a few rolls of string and some beads of your choice, bracelet making is a cheap and quick way to give your brain a creative cleanse. There are many different types of beads to choose from and even kinds of bracelets! Pony beads and lettered beads are certainly a childhood favorite of most, but their youthful and bright colors aren’t specifically meant for any age group! Whip out your box of beads and a few strings, and voila, you have yourself entertained for a few hours! 


Candle Making


This hobby requires a bit more time, patience, and money. If you have all three of these components then perhaps candle making is the right quarantine activity for you! All you need is your choice of wax, a container to hold your candle, a pre-waxed wick, and a working stove! Other ingredients (that are fun but not required) are scents, coloring, a thermometer, dried flowers, and other things to decorate the candle with! Before you start this hobby, it’s important to research the steps before buying the items, as you might decide halfway through the hobby isn’t for you.




This activity is very popular, so it’s not surprising that it made this list! All you need is some variety of paints, brushes, a cup to hold water (depending on the type of paint you’re using), a special type of paper, and your imagination. Many people avoid painting due to their lack of experience within the arts! However, you don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy this activity! Whether it’s random shapes or an extravagant sunset, your painting will look stunning no matter how it turns out!




Whether you have an old journal or even an old book, scrapbooking is something that can be done when feeling particularly bored and creative. It doesn’t matter what materials or decorations you have, as you can buy your own but also make do with normal objects around the house! Things like plants, newspapers, old pictures, and postcards can be perfect decorations for your new scrapbooking project. 




What better way to spice up your life than decorating plain white clothing?! Tie Dying is a beloved childhood activity that most of us have done before, but this doesn’t make it any less exciting! Grab some supplies and old white t-shirts or even socks and start decorating away! This is a long activity that helps you not only get rid of boredom but also personalize your closet and style! With no creative limits and many patterns to create, tie dye has always been a family favorite. 




What’s even better than creating something to wear? Creating something to eat! Baking is a hobby that is shared among millions of people, as it’s kind of like it’s own reward system! The possibilities are endless; brownies, cookies, cakes, and more are countless creation ideas that are relatively easy to make and delicious to taste! Not only is the baking and mixing fun, but the decorating is also incredibly delightful and entertaining! 


Take a walk


Taking a walk through nature is something that most everyone enjoys, especially in the summer and spring when the weather is nice and the plants are sprouting. Walking is not only helpful for the mind, but also for the body! It can be a social activity where you take a friend along with you or it could be a short break for you and only you!