Donald Trump: A Baby without His Binky

Editorial By Ella Thacher


Photo by Isa Martinez Moore

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Trump is breaking things. With nothing else left to lose, he’s desperately clawing at any crumb of power to consume. His narcissism is starving. The American people, who he had liked to believe were on his side, abandoned him. Losing support from even those who identify as Republicans has upturned his entire identity. If even his own party wants nothing to do with him, his chances of regaining his once-powerful position within our White House has vanished.

Mary Trump, Author of Too Much and Never Enough, explains her blubbering Uncle’s defensive mechanisms in interview after interview. Analyzing his remaining issues, which he succumbed to during his troubled childhood, Mary paints a picture to illustrate just how out-of-hand she believes a loss can send Donald Trump. Having lived a life full of privilege, Trump seems to have had the silver spoon ripped violently from his lips after Joe Biden became the U.S.’s 46th President. Mary Trump explains, “Donald has never been in this place before where there’s nobody to bail him out, there’s nobody to buy him out. He’s desperate, he’s flailing and there’s literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch this play out helplessly.” Mary feels that her Uncle fails even to possess the emotional maturity to withstand a loss. This statement rings true as Trump helplessly throws his money towards the courts, desperate to buy a verdict in his favor. Our president cries voter fraud, reaching for any reason he could have lost other than his own shortcomings, Trump spews false information at anyone who will listen. He demands recounts and claims that mail-in-voting is inherently corrupt, despite no evidence. Regardless of how many times Trump will reach for an explanation and find only himself to blame for his loss, he continues to litter his already barely coherent speeches with lies upon lies concerning alleged voter fraud.

Leading up to the election, Trump often could be seen setting himself up for embarrassment. Fueled by crowds of his now diminishing supporters, his ego thrives. This leads to anything coming out of his mouth, allowing for some extremely unpresidential things to be said. CNN reports that during a rally, Donald said some things he would soon come to regret: “I’m running against the single worse candidate in the history of presidential politics. And you know what that does? It puts more pressure on me. Can you imagine if you lose to a guy like that? Unbelievable, it’s disgusting.” Little did he know, Trump wouldn’t need to imagine; as he did “lose to a guy like that.” What that says about him is up to one’s own discretion. Currently wallowing in millions of dollars of debt with a wife looking forward to their inevitable divorce, Trump has nothing else left. He’s ruined.