Truth to Power Podcast: Seeing Homeless

Truth to Power Podcast: Seeing Homeless

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Tea, Toast, and Truth: Seeing Homeless

Content warning: profanity; drug use and addiction; domestic violence.

A project of Ashland High School’s Truth to Power club, “Seeing Homeless” is the third episode of their podcast series: “Tea, Toast, and Truth”.

This episode focuses on the struggles and biases that surround the houseless crisis. Truth to Power set out to interview houseless members of our community, home-free and homeless rights activists, and the Ashland Chief of Police, to present to the community a culmination of the ideas, adversities, joys, backgrounds, and controversies that revolve around the houseless issue in our county. And maybe, next time you see a houseless person on your way to buy your low-fat-caramel-latte-with-oat-milk-and-extra-caramel, you’ll stop to talk to them and help them–the change in our community starts with you.

Contacts to make a change-

Ashland Housing Now leaders:

Eric Navickas <[email protected]>

Chris Kendrick <[email protected]>

Community houseless/home-free advocates:

Vanessa Houk<[email protected]

Joe Gibson< [email protected]

To contact the Ashland city council and ask for policy change:

Email Ashland’s mayor:

[email protected]

Medford city council to ask for policy change:

[email protected]