PSAT Scores Finally Available

Back in October, Juniors and Sophomores throughout AHS flooded out of classrooms after taking the PSAT. Despite the anxiety which comes with this test, November and December passed, and with the excitement over the winter holidays, many students forgot about the exam. But now that the new year has rolled in, it is becoming common knowledge that our test scores are somewhere out there. The question is, where to find them?
For those Juniors who took the exam, PSAT scores are available right now. By going to the counseling office in the library building, these students can meet with their counselor to discuss their score and what it means. Sophomores: keep holding tight. During the first two weeks of February, counselors will be visiting American Studies classrooms to meet individually with all students. Also, on Thursday, February 17, at 7-8:30 there will be a meeting for parents of Sophomores, as well as Freshman, to learn how to interpret the PSAT score. Strategies for getting into selective colleges will also be discussed. Test scores can also be accessed online via My College Quickstart on the Collegeboard.