Rewards for Riding


In the modern world, alternatives to cars have become increasingly popular. Bikes, skateboards, unicycles and almost any vehicles that are not cars have become prominent figures in the worlds, especially in our town of Ashland. Ashland High School has started to reward students who use these alternatives by having a program for those kids who get themselves to school without the help of motor vehicles.

“It promotes healthy living while reducing traffic congestion.” Principal Michelle Zundel said.

Sign ups for the program are located at every bike rack around the school, on an easily spotted clipboard. The only thing students have to do is leave a name, phone number and email and you will get a raffle ticket entered each day you ride. At the end of the month, all the tickets will be pooled together and there will be a drawing for a prize!

“It’s a great program to encourage students to walk, bike, or skate to school.” Zundel also said. Current bikers may not know about the program, with the constant hurry to get to and from school as fast as possible, but students should start utilizing the excellent program.

This program is a great way to reduce pollution, but also a great way to earn prizes for just coming to school in an unconventional way. Whether the reason for riding to school is the reward or because of the enjoyment of being in the outdoors, this program supports all.