Mia O’Dougherty Art Bio


Mia O’Dougherty, a senior at Ashland High School, will be showing work at the March 4 First Friday Art Walk. She will be displaying her paintings at the Liquid Asset Wine Bar.

Q:What medium do you use when painting?

A: I am displaying paintings using just regular acrylic paint on canvas, but I’ve recently started exploring adding other mediums to my paintings, like paper, sand and wood. I really like the dimension that comes from that.

Q: How did you get started with painting?

A: I went to Waldorf, so painting was a big part of school. There was a lot of painting in preschool and drawing became more important as I got older, but my style changed a lot when I came to the high school. I had more freedom.

Q: Is this your first art show?

A: No, I was part of the Art Walk last year. I got to display ten pieces and sold a few. I like the idea of being in a gallery with another artist where this is probably a bigger thing for them than it is for me. Getting feedback about my art from the community is also a really great part about the Art Walk.

Q: What inspires your art?

A: I am really inspired by cultural and tribal art. I love to travel and have travelled through China and just got back from New Zealand. My dream trip would be to India though. I love the art there, all the rich colors. The red, the mustard yellows, I just love them. I like taking traditional art, running with what has been and making it different.

Q: What do you think your future is in art?
A: Painting is a way for me to not hold things inside, it’s how I release. It won’t be a profession, but will always be important to me.