Keep Calm… and Get a 5 on the AP Exam

Keep Calm... and Get a 5 on the AP Exam

AP Tests. You pay a lot of money to sit at a desk for over three hours, so you really should try to do well. Just think of those college credits! Hopefully, if you will be taking a test in the coming weeks, you’re feeling ready and have listened to all your teachers have taught you throughout the year. Still, there are some things you can do just on that day. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of them before, but take it to heart from someone who’s been through it before.

  • Review your notes and study guides the day before the test, but don’t cram –  it’ll only stress you out
  • Go to bed at a decent time. That means between 9:30 and 10:00
  • Get up early enough to not feel rushed
  • Read something while you eat breakfast or brush your teeth – it gets your brain going
  • Remember plenty of number 2 pencils and black/dark blue ballpoint pens along with a good eraser and hand pencil sharpener
  • Don’t forget your social security number; if you don’t have it memorized, write it down somewhere and keep really good track of that piece of paper or phone or whatever it may be on
  • Remember an official ID as well, such as your driver’s license                                              
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Bring a watch
  • During the test, pace yourself, don’t let yourself get flustered and stay focused
  • Get up, stretch and move around during breaks
  • Treat yourself to something after the test – you deserve it

For those of you not taking a test this year, but who intend on taking a test next year, here’s a tip for you too: do all the homework on time and pay attention during class. You’ll feel a lot better on test day if you gleaned all you could from your teacher. For those of you this year, the biggest thing of all is not to stress too much as it will keep you from concentrating. Do your best and see what you can do. For more information visit the College Board website.