Freedom at Last

Freedom at Last
For the last 7 weeks students at AHS have been working hard to deserve this break.

For the past seven weeks, students of Ashland High have been slaving away in class and in extracurricular activities. Finally they are being rewarded for their endless effort with a five day weekend starting this Thursday. In actuality, the break is for the purpose of parent-teacher conferences, but that doesn’t stop the hard-working students from enjoying the brief lull in their hectic schedules. Now that the extended-weekend is fast-approaching, some students might be at a loss of ideas for how to spend their free time.

Most students plan to take this brief halt in their everyday routines to catch up on much needed sleep and to just relax. Less fortunate students will be working away at mountains of homework this weekend. Athletes are preparing for a momentous weekend in races, games, and tournaments. Rowers will be heading to Sacramento for the Head of the American Regatta and Cross Country runners are gearing up for regionals, which take place in Lithia park.

Of course the events this weekend culminates at Halloween. Ashlanders of all ages will be participating in the annual Halloween parade. Beforehand, many students will run in the Monster Dash, a fun run/walk held in Lithia Park at 2:00 pm. Later, festivities include haunted houses, parties, and trick-or-treating.

Though the extended weekend was not originally intended to be such an anticipated occasion, all students agree that the fleeting break is necessary for their mental-health. The lapse in the daily grind provides a breath of fresh air that all students need. With so many days off and Halloween on the horizon, this weekend is sure to be eventful for the students of AHS.