Guo Lǎoshī: Future Plans?


Guo Lǎoshī. To a majority of AHS students, this may simply look like a jumble of letters and strange looking symbols, but to the small population of Mandarin Chinese students, this is the pinyin, (the system for writing Chinese words with the Roman alphabet) for “Teacher Guo.”

Jennifer Guo, or Guo Lǎoshī as many people know her as, is our beloved Mandarin 2 teacher here at Ashland High School. The big question that has left many AHS students, parents, and faculty wondering is, “Will she be teaching here during the next school year?” I asked a few questions of Ms. Guo about her future plans and here are her answers:


Aimee Miller: “Will you be teaching here next year?”

Guo Lǎoshī: “Maybe I’ll be here. I’m a volunteer here, I’m really happy to be a volunteer, but I can’t be a volunteer forever. I really want a real job from Ashland High School so if the school can hire me, I think I will stay here for another year, maybe more.”

AM: “What are your future plans if you do not stay at AHS?”

Guo: If I don’t stay, I may go back to China, get married, and get another job.”

AM: “What will you miss most about AHS?”

Guo: “Of course, my students and my colleagues. I’m really happy here; it’s like the job of my dreams. I really enjoy my job and I feel really successful and self-confident for being the teacher of my students.”

As of now, the answer to her future at Ashland High School is pretty much unknown to everyone. Because no one knows if Guo Lǎoshī will stay at AHS to teach, we can only hope for the very best!