Thriller on the Quad

Thriller on the Quad

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On October 27, 14 dancers from Ashland Danceworks performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on the Ashland High School quad at lunch. Expecting a small crowd, the dancers were viewed by the majority of students and teachers as they danced to Michael Jackson’s hit song.

Inspired by Principal Zundel, sophomore dancer Emily Bestor organized the flash mob. “It was a nerve racking experience, but it ended up better than I expected. It was really fun,” Emily said after the performance.

Spectator Michael Skidmore said “I think it’s good that we are playing music on the quad now to make school more exciting.” Sophomore Tristyn McMahan shared that “it was an entertaining performance, very sharp.

Dancers included: Emily Bestor, Delaney Swink, Isis Terrall, Soren Moritz, Paris Conner, Maya Zundel, Savannah Edson, Myan McQueen, Courtney Werner, Emily Higley, Quinn Blackwolf, Tiffany Ransom, Nora Godfrey and Angelique Brownlie.