Artist Profile: Robin Cross

What mediums do you work with?
I mainly work with pencil and ink, but I’ve been experimenting with watercolor a little lately.
When did you start drawing?
Probably in eighth grade.
Has your artistic style changed at all since then?
It’s changed significantly. The more I experience, the more my style is influenced. One influence has been comic books, like Tank Girl. When I started drawing, my style was pretty simple… and stupid. I restricted my self a lot more artistically. Now I don’t really care. I just draw any weird idea.

What is the main inspiration for your art?
I get my inspiration mainly from other artists. Like Jamie Hewitt, Salvador Dali- weird alternative artists.

Why do you draw?
I do art because I sometimes have a hard time conveying what I’m thinking in words. I draw it [my thoughts] out in words. It conveys more.