Voices of AHS: Sara Shaw


Sara Shaw was introduced to photography at the age of twelve when her mom gave her a digital Polaroid camera. Her interest was immediately triggered, starting Shaw’s passion for photography, which has only kept increasing throughout the years.
The camera she now uses is a modern CanonT3. It is fully automatic and allows to snap pictures for richly detailed images. For Sara photography isn’t just a hobby. In the long run she would like to pursue a career in photography and eventually work for National Geographic.
The images that Shaw likes to capture are of other cultures, images that show the spectator the life in another person’s shoes. For instance, in 2009 Shaw got the opportunity to travel to Europe. We usually just contemplate Europe’s architecture; however, Shaw says “There is much more than just buildings to be contemplated.” Sara embraced these other aspects of Europe and captured the continent through her own perspective.
Since Sara Shaw has started her passion in photography her parents have supported her every step of the way.