Holiday iTunes Gifts!

Holiday iTunes Gifts!

This season is the season of giving. Apple has helped us in terms of giving with their new “gifting” feature. “Gifting” allows someone to buy an app, but the give it to another iTunes account, meaning you could give James Risner a gift on iTunes by buying a TV episode or other iTunes item and send it to me. (E-Mail James Risner to give him a gift!) Here are some good gifts to give for any iPod hipster you may see.

1) Doodle Jump

This little game is 99. cents and is perhaps worth millions for how entertaining it is. A little man will jump from platform to platform that will move, explode or break depending on it’s color. For a such a small game, it’s worth the money you spend and the endless hours you will put into it.

2) Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game about well, angry birds. Some pigs stole the now angry bird’s eggs and the birds are now at your command where you can launch against the pig’s forts to obtain all your eggs. A wonderful way to take out your frustration and banish the loneliness from your life.

3) Super Soviet Missile Master

Become an 8 bit vodka addicted Soviet to fulfill your dreams of destroying the evil capitalist pigdogs in America by guiding your missile past ducks, clouds and jet planes to destroy your nemesis. I recommend this strongly to any communist or Occupy Wall Street protester.

4) Words with Friends

A Scrabble-like puzzle game, with friends!

5) Any season of Glee

Show the person you give this to that you want them to laugh with the latest Fox comedy. For only 29.99 turn this person into a holiday couch potato.