Newspaper Origami: The Bow


Aimee Miller

So, the newest issue of the Rogue News just came out! You’ve looked through it, ripped out all the coupons related to food, and you might have even read a few articles. Now what? Are you going to just throw it away? No! You can become a little crafty and make your very own super cool origami bow! If you follow the instructions below, you can become one of the select few who have taken their skills to infinity… and beyond!

  1. Take your newspaper and separate outside page from the inside page.
  2. Choose the part of the newspaper you want your bow to be made from.
  3. Rip (or cut) the newspaper page down the centerline into two equal sections.
  4. Take the side of the newspaper you want.
  5. Fold it in half (Hot Dog Style) so that the part you want to be seen on the bow is on the outside.
  6. Fold each of the four corners to the centerline.
  7. Fold the long edges of the newspaper towards the centerline. (If you want the bow to appear skinner, fold the longs edges toward the centerline again)
  8. Fold the points of the newspaper so that they touch at one end (Hamburger Style).
  9. With the two points still touching, fold the square edges to the centerline so that they create two triangles.
  10. Take hold of one of the triangles, open the flap, and flatten down the triangle so that it corresponds with the lines you originally had. Do this with the other triangle as well. The newspaper should end up having a point of each side.
  11. Take one of the points and fold it as far back as you can. Do the same on the backside with the other point.
  12. Fold the square edges to the centerline so that they create two triangles. Do this on the backside as well so that you create a small shape that has a point on either side.
  13. Take hold of the two corners (points) in your thumb and forefinger while supporting the back of the bow with your middle finger.
  14. Gently unfold the newspaper and squish it down so that the middle part lays flat.
  15. And there you have it! Your very own homemade newspaper origami bow!