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Phoenix Potts, a junior at Ashland Highschool, is certainly someone worth knowing. He often finds himself entertaining others with his comedic talents and charismatic personality, making him the ideal person to hang out with and have as a friend. He enjoys storytelling and practicing acting in his spare time. His ideal career would be a comedic actor, which makes sense due to his outgoing personality and his positive aura. When asked why he likes to look on the bright side of things, Phoenix responds, “That way we don’t focus on the bad things, we focus on the things that are most important.” Not only is he super enthusiastic and fun to be around, but he also enjoys thinking deeply and reflecting. When asked about the changes in the world and our developing technology, he states that technology can be both good and bad, it just depends on the person using it. He firmly believes that imagination is incredibly important. When asked about what type of animal he feels he is most like, he responds with the beloved eagle species. “Eagles are not limited to the ground, it’s their own imagination that drives them,” he explains confidently. With his enthusiasm and imagination, it’s easy to see why he dreams of becoming an actor or public entertainer. Phoenix then explains his plan for the future, describing his desire to start a youtube channel and get in contact with someone who can help him develop his aspiring acting career.  

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Sci-Fi Zodiac

Sci-Fi Zodiac

December 11, 2020
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Phoenix Potts