Are you a highly sensitive person?


Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are a group of individuals that are described as “weird” and “not normal” in today’s society. According to a scientific estimate they represent 20% of the world’s population. There are some people that consider being an HSP a disability just because it is different to most people. But there are many benefits to being highly sensitive. 

There are certain characteristics that are specifically attributed to highly sensitive people. These characteristics can be abbreviated DOES:

Depth of processing. This allows your brain to have more active insula, the part of your brain that keeps your selfawareness in checkIn other words, this makes HSPs much deeper thinkers than ordinary people due to this trait. 

Over Stimulation. This makes people more emotionally impacted by social stimulations and thus get more emotionally exhausted in social activities. 

Emotional Responsiveness/Empathy. It has been scientifically proven that HSPs have more active mirror neurons which allow a person to feel empathy for one another. This can make an HSP have high positive emotions and high negative emotions.  

Sensitive to Subtleties/Sensory StimulationHSPs tend to notice smaller details such as body language and changes in the environment. 

Elaine Aron, in her first book “The Highly Sensitive Person,” discusses many things that are not well known, such as the fact that humans are not the only species on earth that can be HSPs. Many different species of animals have individuals that tend to be more observant than others before taking any sort of action.  

Aron also explains that people often mistake highly sensitive people as being shy because they tend to carefully observe their new surroundings when in a new area. Still, about 30% of HSPs are known extroverts. People that do not understand the traits of an HSP often call it a disability or even an inhibitednessBut HSPs are often smart and can sense other people’s emotions well and are special in their own way. According to Aron, “this trait is not a new discovery, but it has been misunderstood.” 

 Being an HSP can affect students in beneficial ways. This can affect friendships because HSPs are very understanding of others, so when someone is feeling upset about something, an HSP friend can always comfort them with their knowledge of emotionThey are also perfect business partners as they are very empathetic and are known to be dedicated to fairness and justice. They can sense when a person is in distress and can detect small details in a room. With that said, it is known to many that HSPs are unique and can benefit society as a whole.