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Rachel Davis, Editor

Rachel Davis is a junior at Ashland High School. She has five family members that she lives with, including her twin sister Claire. Rachel, along with Claire, was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. Rachel owns the only reptile in the family, a bearded dragon that she keeps in her bedroom.

Rachel is a very busy student, and if it weren’t for Covid, she would be in multiple extra curricular activities. She’s been in theater throughout high school, both as an actor and as a techie. She started with acting, but it wasn’t a huge passion for her. “I don’t want a leading role, you know? I just want to be ensemble,” she admitted. She said she had only started acting because many of her friends were in theater. She stated that if her friends weren’t involved, she would probably hate it. When Rachel realized that she didn’t want to pursue acting, she decided to get into tech. Even though the theater hours are “insane,” she has stuck with it, and along with classes and rehearsals, now occasionally is a paid technician for plays and functions. But theater isn’t her only after school activity. Rachel has also played tennis on and off throughout her life, taking lessons and practicing with her family and friends. This would have been her first year playing for the school if sports hadn’t been cancelled due to the pandemic. She wasn’t able to play the previous couple of years because she was always busy working with the theater.

Along with tech and tennis, Rachel is also passionate about her religion. She’s been studying more of the Jewish traditions, and has even picked up a few, such as cooking traditional recipes and lighting Shabbat candles every Friday. She also enjoyed time at a Jewish camp throughout her childhood, learning and participating in the Jewish community. “It’s been a pretty big part of all the things I’ve done,” she explained.

Rachel and her twin sister, Claire, share the same faith, among many other aspects of their lives. When asked about what it’s like to have a twin, Rachel explained that for her it’s normal, besides the fact that they get mistaken for each other quite frequently since they’re identical. One of the easiest ways to tell them apart these days is that Claire has long hair while Rachel cut hers short. Personality wise, Rachel thinks that they’re pretty much polar opposites. They have different friend groups, different interests, and different hobbies. On the other hand, Rachel revealed that they share such a similar thought process to the point where they see it as an inside joke when they finish each other’s sentences. Rachel included that even though she didn’t want to get gooey, having Claire as her twin is like having the best friend anyone could ask for.

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Rachel Davis