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David Johnson, Editor

David Johnson, Ashland High School senior, has been involved in sports for most of his high school career. Now that the senior class is beginning to look to the horizon at the futures they wish to pursue, he wishes to continue his connection to sports.

Currently taking anatomy, David has been putting his attention on becoming a physical therapist to keep in company with sports, and to help athletes keep themselves healthy. He told me that he doesn’t necessarily want to be the one playing the sport; to be involved in the community of sports is enough. To further his education on the subject, he interned for Ashland High School’s trainer, Blaire. Under this internship, he received firsthand experience of students getting care, and even paperwork practice on the slower days of his internship.

Outside of his career, David plans to travel quite a bit. Inspired by his father, who had taken around 8-10 gap years, he has the desire to visit countries around the world. Witnessing new and splendid sceneries in different places is what drives him to get around.

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