A Spectatorless Sport


High School sports are back in full swing. Most sports have resumed practices, such as basketball, football, volleyball and baseball, while other sports such as soccer and cross country have even had their first games and competitions. With covid still a prominent factor in how we go about everyday life, the teams are having to be very careful with how they handle bringing back their athletes to practice. Milan Hague, a senior on the Cross Country team, spoke about the team’s very strict protocol.

“The covid restrictions for the team is that we have to wear masks on campus and stay 6 feet apart. While running off campus we are allowed to switch to buffs while still trying to maintain 6 feet.”

While all of these restrictions can take some fun out of the sport, Hague shared a fun way the team has adapted to having to social distance.

“One of the cool things we’ve developed in the team are the post workout/race handshakes where we do the handshake motion but are separate and not touching each other.” 

The competition format has also changed this year due to covid. Meets are now restricted to 2 teams only to limit the amount of people, and parents are not allowed to be on the campus to watch. Although it is a lot different this year, Hague is very happy to get any type of season at all, “Even though the meets are very small compared to what they used to be in the past, it’s nice to see another jersey up ahead to catch up to.”

Noah Aguilar, also a senior, who plays on the Varsity soccer team expressed his excitement for his season being reinstated,

“I am thrilled that we are able to have a season. There was so much uncertainty all year about what was going to happen, so it’s a relief to finally have a set plan and to be back on the field.”

Aguilar also shared his feelings about the strict covid regulations,

“It sucked for a bit having to always distance from everyone and constantly wear a mask, but you get used to it pretty quick, and in the end I’m just very excited we get to be back on the field playing.”

This is gearing up to be a very unprecedented sports season. With all of the athletes constantly wearing masks and no fans in the stadiums, it will not be like any season we’ve ever seen before. However, on top of all of the struggles and hardships this season will present us with, the Athletes are showing tremendous strength and determination as they persevere through these difficult times and look to make the most out of a crazy and completely unfamiliar sports season.