Empty Fields in the Time of Covid


Covid-19 has affected everyone. From school closures and people getting sick, to business closures and cancelled trips, everyone is feeling the impact of this virus. One way it is affecting many high school students is the cancellation of the fall sports season. All fall sports, including football, soccer, and cross country had their seasons temporarily suspended until further notice. This is very heartbreaking for all of these student athletes, as they have been putting their heart and soul into their sport and team. Senior Noah Aguilar had some thoughts to share on the suspension of his soccer season.

“It was sad, but at the same time, I was a little happy it got delayed because if it didn’t get delayed we would have had to play with so many rules and regulations for Covid.”

When asked how he was staying in shape without a season, Aguilar responded, “I have been doing volt workouts and a little running.”

According to Karl Kemper, the Athletic Director here at Ashland High School, the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) released their new plan for the sports season to accommodate for the unprecedented situation of Covid-19. In a normal season, Fall, Winter, and Spring sports each get a 12 week season. However, due to the delay of sports at the beginning of this school year, each season is being cut down to 6 weeks. The OSAA has announced that they are planning to start with the Winter sports season in January-February, hold the Fall sports season March-April, and finish with the Spring sports season from May-June.

Track, Baseball, Softball, Football, and Soccer had all started their practices under very strict Covid protocols and guidelines. However, due to recent change in guidelines from the state, all sports practices have been temporarily suspended. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued a two week “freeze” from November 18th to December 2nd on all non-essential businesses and activities. These new guidelines once again resulted in the suspension of the sports season. This is very disappointing for all student athletes, and tensions run high as athletes anxiously wait for more news on what lies ahead for their season.