Varsity Football Blues


When the Ashland Grizzlies played their 2021 homecoming game on Sept. 24 against the Churchill Lancers, players and spectators were hopeful. This game was important because previously the grizzlies beat Churchill (64-27)All staff and students showed their spirit by wearing all white. The game started out fairly even until Churchill scored. We shook it off and kept going,” said Ronin KimbroughJoJo Harrower, AHS varsity quarterback, took a hard hit resulting in a concussion and a fractured wrist. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance all before halftime. “I was looking forward to how it would go, but it didn’t turn out as expected, said Harrower. Ronin Kimbrough, second string quarterback, played the second half of the game. Things proceeded to go downhill for the Ashland Grizzlies. The final score was (032). Following the homecoming game, the Ashland Grizzlies were faced with a new obstacle. Two players got covid-19, and the next game against Springfield was cancelled. But when faced with adversity the Ashland Grizzlies will rise to the occasion.