Cover the Night


Little Ashland, and cities all around the world, will be participating in “Cover the Night,” an event to make Joseph Kony famous. Do not mistake this publicity for celebration. Young and old alike will contribute to the Kony campaign in order to prove not only to the U.S, but also to the world that Kony truly is one of the world’s worst criminals. For those of you who don’t know, Joseph Kony is the head of a guerrilla group (known as the Lord’s Resistance Army). For 26 years, Kony has been committing black market crimes such as rape, murder and child slavery. The African population is demanding justice, and they want to ensure that Americans everywhere want to bring Kony to justice. You can do your part by accomplishing any of the following:

1.     Sign the petition.

2.     Participate in “Cover the Night” on April 20. At sundown put pictures of Kony around your community to spread the word and image of this criminal.

3.     Donate money to Tri, an organization for the Invisible Children.

4.     Take part in making Kony infamous by telling your friends and family.

5.     Contact a policy maker and share your opinion.

6.     Become informed by going to the official Kony2012 website and watching the official video.