Creekside Fiddle Camp


This summer there is an amazing opportunity for any young student who currently plays a string instrument. Creekside Strings, founded by Duane Whitcomb, is holding their annual Summer Fiddle Camp for children ages 6 to 13. This year the camp will be held August 6th through the 10th. Creekside Fiddle Camp has been running since the summer of 2007 and this will mark its 6th year. Whitcomb has been playing the violin for 41 years; he not only runs this summer camp, but is also an active member the community and teaches over 30 students.

Creekside Fiddle Camp is a weeklong camp for string players. Most of the participants play the violin, but there are also a few who play the bass, guitar, ukulele, cell and viola.

Whitcomb explains, “The aim of the camp is, first and foremost, to have fun. We play music at the beginning and end of the day altogether in a circles. In the time between, we divide into smaller groups, based on skill level, and learn different songs. We also will play games, eat lunch and hang out all together. During the lunch break, some kids will form small music groups and work on tunes, others will play kickball, and some love to just hang out and talk. It is a relaxed 4 hours of music and fun in a beautiful setting.” On average, the camp receives about 20 to 25 kids, but each year the number tends to grow.

This camp was created so that Whitcomb could give his students more opportunities to continue to play music during summer break. Whitcomb also adds, “It seemed like a fun and easy way to create some summer fun. Over time, I found that my own kids (Isobel and Theo) and their friends were able to help out and really provide an even better experience for the campers. The elementary and middle schoolers completely love getting to spend time with older high schoolers. And the high schoolers bring enthusiasm and energy to the camp. I feel so grateful to get such great volunteers from AHS. One of the things I love about involving the high school students is that it helps me keep the music I teach more interesting and relevant for students. I am excited to get the AHS students involved in selecting and playing music they enjoy and can teach.”

Although many may think Creekside Fiddle is only for younger students, there are also opportunities for high school students who can participate in the camp by volunteering.  Every year, more and more high school students participate; this year there are a whopping 12 high school students ranging from soon-to-be sophomores to seniors. Volunteers this year include, Erin Keoppen, Conner Stanek, Emma Cobb, Emma Rose Parker, Chloe Lynn, Noah Yaconelli, Joseph Yaconelli, Clara Honsinger, Sara Shaw, Theo Whitcomb, Nick Chouard and Susannah Cole. First time volunteer Joseph Yaconelli mentions, “I love being able to pass on the skills and joys I have gained to the kids I will be helping this summer.”

Some of the AHS students play violin, others play guitar or sing. All of the students are interested in music and enjoy working with kids. Returning volunteer Conner Stanek says, “I teach kids how to play drums at the camp, they’re always really into it.” Overall, Creekside Fiddle Camp is a extremely enjoyable summer event that would be the ideal place for anyone who loves music.

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