GCC Taking Action: North Korea


LiNK Nomads and GCC after the showing of The People’s Crisis. Photo by Barbie Hobein

The Ashland High School’s GCC (Global Citizens Corps)  on Saturday, April 28 hosted the group LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) at school to raise awareness for the human rights crisis in North Korea. A documentary was presented before the public; it showed how a group of refugees were rescued after they crossed North Korea’s highly militarized-border into China. The entire group of refugees then had to endure tension and suspense until they were securely established across China’s border, by the help of LiNK members. The documentary explains how the crisis in North Korea is not about it’s leader or nuclear ability, but instead the real crisis how 24 million innocent civilians are living under the most ruthless system of political oppression ever assembled by humankind.

LiNK is a humanitarian organization that focuses on rescuing refugees from North Korea and relocating them. They try to raise awareness about this relatively unknown issue in the world since, it is largely censored by the North Korean government. LiNK is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization meaning they run off of donations. LiNK nomads travel across the world, speaking in schools, churches and other public venues.

The screening on Saturday was highly successful, packing the venue with inquiring stud3ents and community members. GCC will be taking the next step in by joining the cause creating a Chapter. Emma Cobb one of the Presidents stated,”GCC’s goal is to raise $2500, this will allow us to save the life of a refugee in North Korea and relocate them safely. Please, donate if you have the money. Your aid might just save another’s life.”