Midnight Metropolis


​ It’s a party under the sky at AHS. Midnight Metropolis is the chosen homecoming dance theme for this year. Midnight Metropolis is meant to be a New York City rooftop party. This year the dance will be held at Ashland High School in the commons and the lower quad. ​When this information was released, many students were shocked and upset. The root of the matter is that it makes the dance less expensive, the other possible venues that the leadership crew looked into were too small for the event and the gym that night will be used for another event on the same night. The dance will be held from 8:00-11:00 and the tickets will be $8 for a single ticket and $15 for a double ticket. For those of you who have doubts about this years homecoming dance, don’t worry, leadership says that the commons and lower quad will be completely transformed and almost if not completely unrecognizable. ​They believe that this will be one of the classiest and most enjoyable dances that AHS has ever seen.