The Drowsy Chaperone


Weddings, roller skating while blindfolded and a drowsy chaperone. Sounds like it’s time for the fall musical here at AHS!

This year’s fall musical will be “The Drowsy Chaperone”. Opening on November 9th, this musical is stars Amelia Mejia, Noah Yaconelli and Jeremiah Liberman.

The musical follows an engaged couple, Robert and Janet, played by Noah and Amelia, as they get ready for their wedding. Unfortunately, their preparations are constantly frustrated by others’ selfish attempts to ruin the wedding. For example, the happy bride-to-be and well-known actress Janet Van De Graaff, plans to quit her job after the wedding. This causes a problem for Mr. Feldzieg, played by Mason McClellan, so he tries to sabotage their wedding. Some gangsters threaten him to make sure the show goes on, which gives him a bit more incentive to keep wanting to sabotage the wedding. Nor does it help that the ditzy Kitty is persistently trying to get Mr. Feldzieg to hire her as Janet’s replacement.

The story teller, the man in chair, introduces characters, talking about the actors who originally played them in 1928, making the musical even more comical. He was added in the remake of the play, and was not a part of the original.

With a surprise ending, this great play is sure to be a hit.