How to Make an Amazing Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake


Oreo cookies are a favorite as a cookie due to their creamy inside and the chocolate cookie surrounding it. Ice cream is pretty good too and when the two are brought together, a great combination is made.

What you need for this tasty ice cream cake are a foil or regular pan and any size would work, at least one packet of Oreo cookies, a simple butter knife, a plate, and a medium-to-large sized bowl. And don’t forget the half gallon of ice cream! Vanilla works well with this but any other would also work fine. For a richer treat, you might consider adding whipped cream. A metal spatula proves useful, but any tool that works to crush the cookies would do just fine.

Let’s get started!
Take the Oreo cookies one at a time and split them apart so you are able to remove the vanilla cream on the inside of the cookie with the knife. Using the non-serrated side of the knife would probably be best; I found it useful.

2. When you have separated the cream from the two cookie halves, put it on the plate and the cookies in the bowl to prepare them to be crushed into smaller pieces. Optional: Take a short break to eat the cream. Yum, yum!

3. When you have crushed the Oreos, put the crumbs onto the bottom of the pan and even it out, shaking the pan side to side works well on evening the cookies.

4. When you have done this, place the pan in the freezer to freeze the cookie crumbs on the bottom of the pan.
5. After about five to ten minutes, go ahead and remove the pan from the freezer and the ice cream as well, and then take that ice cream and put it on top of the Oreo cookie layer.
Hint:Soften the ice-cream before spreading it onto the cake! I made the mistake of laying it down in frozen lumps. It made it difficult to smooth the ice-cream. Plus, the Oreos wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

6. When you’ve finished that process, place another layer of Oreo crumbs on top and place the pan back into the freezer for about another five to ten minutes.

7. When you pull out the pan again you could put whipped cream on top, but if not, cut it up and enjoy your simple yet delicious treat!