Online PE: Physical Education or Heresy?


To some, online bowling was a means of graduation. To others, online jogging was a way to avoid the embarrassment of not passing PE. But for many students, online PE was a viable option allowing them to take more rigorous classes and truly use the public education system to benefits them in a more personally relevant way.

However, AHS currently does not accept any online PE credits. It is truly a travesty that a varsity athlete in better shape than most PE teachers can not graduate simply because they do not have the necessary physical education credits.

It is impossible to deny that physical education is important, but there should be other options available for students who would rather approach PE in a different, more useful way. The majority of the people who take the time to try and fit in PE via an online program are normally already educated enough in traditional physical education, so the fact that online PE credit is not accepted is only hindering the effectiveness of the public education system in serving its students.

There are many opinions on the effectiveness of online PE in promoting physical education. Regardless of how effective it is, online PE should be available to students in order to allow already physically educated students to receive PE credits — even if a few people abuse the system — in order to serve the majority of students more efficiently.