The Distortion of the Toga

The Distortion of the Toga


The toga, once common garb in ancient Rome, have now taken a new ethnic orientation at AHS. The misinterpreted garment is now paired with last weekend’s Prom theme, “Grecian Getaway”. This mistake crudely identifies the student body as ignorant and ethnocentric and underlines the obvious fact that our education is simply flawed.

If only the state dedicated more funds to its education budget so schools could include a greater Grecian lesson, we would not be in this awkward and embarrassing situation. In the end, this all comes back to the fault of the government and the taxpayer. Whereas the government has its own economic fallacies, the stubbornness of the taxpayer to sacrifice his or her share for the good of the country is absurd. In general, this mistake of the students at AHS is an obvious metaphor of the declining US education system.

As well as a flawed education, it is apparent that students at AHS are culturally indifferent. The most popular AP class at AHS is AP US History. On the opposite end is AP World History, with the least amount of students enrolled of any AP class. This is a clear statistic for the attitude of students at AHS, how a majority of the school would rather learn of their history rather than of others, contributing to more ignorance among citizens.

AHS is supposedly in the top 3 percent of public high schools in the nation, so why was this mistake made? Because as a nation we have failed. We have installed a egocentric ideal in the minds of our children and have not provided enough support to their education. This attitude we have is similar to before both world wars. We cannot risk to make this mistake again.