Mac Vs Windows

Mac Vs Windows


         Over the course of their computer based histories, they’ve had a dispute that is being discussed across the world. People want to know which is better.

Local opinions:

         In the terms of work, teens at Ashland High School have voted for PCs. Why? They say PCs is focused more on their software, and layout of their system. Making it easier to find, make and delete files. Macs focus on making their computers compatible with both windows and OSX software, trying to provide the user with choice.


    Macs are lacking in RAM, USB ports and hard disk space. Macs have faster processing systems than their fresh out of the box PC counterparts. Macs can’t be upgraded in terms of processors though, what you see is what you get. The five main brands of Macs are iMac, Mac mini, Mac pro, MacBook pro, and MacBook air. All of these have security usability and a good design, and are included with IBM and DOS formats that help with work. Claiming “they are the most advanced operating system in the world.”


On the PC side they lack single vision aesthetics. PCs cost less and have better software compatibility. Windows can be upgraded  in terms of their system processors, in fact you can build your own PC instead of buying a PC then upgrading in. You can make a PC desktop or laptop to your exact specifications. Which lets you have more RAM, USB ports, and hard disk space. People choose PCs over Macs for work purposes because of the choice to build your own computer for cheap.

Whether it’s gaming, working or some other personal sequence, the choice is yours. Show others, debate which is better and keep the dispute going.


A fan war has been building for a long time now, arguments by gamers escalating of which is better: Mac or Windows.

Local opinions:

From the research I did, I’ve concluded they are both favored for different reasons. For gaming the PC is heavily favored. The reason why is that it is more expensive to play on a Mac, because you have to get 2-3 updates, then update the game, but for a PC are able to play it right out of  the box.


A PC is a better gaming rig, because it can run every game that is not limited to a certain console. Due to better graphics card, the quality is much better than other gaming platforms. It is able to load faster and generate more images on the page or screen. It is also more precise than a console. Do to the Windows software it is able to generate a wider variety of game supporting software. It also has more gigabytes than the Mac, making people think PC is better.


Mac’s OSX software provides a wide arrangement of luxury desktop makers. These luxuries include Garage band, Photo booth, Etc. The thing that Mac has over PC is the fact that it more widely known so there are much more sells of it as both gaming and family owned computers. The thing Microsoft goes by is “quantity over quality” and Mac is the complete opposite. Mac puts a lot more work into their computers and that’s why they hardly break down, and require little to no repair.

    This fan war continues to rage on, and due to the advancements of both these companies, the products they produce get even better but are constantly compared to each other no matter what. But It all comes down to what you choose.