Ashland Victories at Regional Acting Competition


On February 1 an Ashland High team of dedicated students traveled to North Medford High School for a regional competition. They competed against teams from all over Southern Oregon, and from as far as South Salem. They also saw long-time friends (and rivals) from South Eugene.

But what sport is this?

Not a sport at all. Acting. Ashland’s most popular extracurricular activity.

An acting competition is actually very simple. Actors prepare monologues, short scenes or songs, and perform them in front of three different judges. The judges score them on eight  skills that make good acting: preparation, voice, physicality, blocking, objectives, tactics relationships and dynamics. The best in each category go on to state competitions.

Ashland, of course, decimated the other thespians, taking home over twenty ribbons. Winners included Elena Toppo, Jon Connolly, Alyssa Monning, Amelia Mejia, Joseph Yaconelli, Noah Yaconelli, Henry Mercer, Maddy Bangs, Noah Werthaiser, Christine Impara, Ceili Widmann, Emma Durbin, Hannah Bellinson and Christine Impara.

In April there will be another competition in Salem, Oregon. Those who did well in February’s regional competition will be allowed to enter this upcoming state conference. In addition, there are competitive categories in set, costume, sound and lighting design. A group of around thirty Ashland students will be travelling to participate; wish them luck.