Punk, Punk and More Punk!


Photo of Jennesy Miller. Photo by Mikala Haldana

Gauges, mohawks and piercings oh my! Lately, a lot of people have been bringing punk back; jean vests and jackets, leather, piercings and gauging your ears, tattoos, coloring hair, cutting and styling hair and heavy makeup. There has been a realization that there is a huge comeback of punk this year, 2014. Let’s see what other people think:

“Yeah, I have noticed a lot of punk lately. But it’s not at all like from the 80’s, It’s all new punk. It’s like something new and shiny. A lot of new clothes like knock off leather and jean vests and boots, new hairstyles, and etc. A lot of people are getting more and more piercings to just try to fit in. They should just get piercings that fit their personality. Some people shouldn’t even get piercings. Like if I got a nose and eyebrow piercing it would fit my personality. I grew up with punk. My mom is punk and use to take me to punk shows when I was little so I know the difference between actual punk and poser. I do get treated differently by people and it does affect some of the jobs that I try to get .I have definitely noticed a punk comeback this year, It’s all just new, terrible, and a mess.” -Eva Blackwelder, ninth grade.

“I have realized a lot of more punk coming back lately. In my opinion, I don’t like it because it’s just a bunch of people trying to fit in and getting a lot piercings and trying to look good. I did but I also didn’t grow up with punk. I’ve always loved all of the punk, 80’s music and always loved the style. I’m not really that punk I have to admit, but I do love the style.” Jennesy Miller, ninth grade.

Punk originally started in the early 1960’s with mohawks, real leather jackets and boots. It never actually died, it just became unappreciated. Everyone stopped listening to the music and didn’t care anymore. But now, that it’s coming back, it’s all new. Or fake and some people describe it as emo or scene. And the punk music has made a huge comeback. Look around, look how much the world and styles changes and dies then comes back. It’s amazing, it’s here one year then gone the next.