Best Scary Games to Play in the Dark


Video games can be a happy experience when it is light like Mario or Pokémon, but what happens when the lights go out and you are alone? Here’s a list of games you would not want to play by yourself in the dark.


9) Bioshock: This game can make any first time player grip his/her controller with fear in a frantic attempt to kill the enemy that just appeared behind them as they are going through a dark room, with a single flickering light as the player can hear multiple enemy’s scuttling in the dark.


8) Doom 3: A game that can make a player jump out of their seat if they are not paying attention. When exploring cramped corridors sometimes the character will be greeted by a demon from hell jumping out of the wall and getting mauled to death. Even though the character is overloaded with weapons they run for their life.


7) Dead Space: What is worse than zombies? Alien zombies in space. As the character explores a dark abandoned space ship with limited light and ammo and thousands of things that want the player dead is a good start to this game.


6) Silent Hill: The Silent Hill series tends to make a player extremely sad and terrified as they take a trip down this psychological horror game with a character who wears a bloody pyramid on his head.


5) Cry of Fear:  A mod for the game Half Life 2 comes in at sixth because it starts with the player walking down a distorted, pitch black hallway to be greeted by a jump scare and the player later has to explore a creepy abandoned city where they keep seeing something in the corner of the screen, seeming to be watched.


4) The Forest: This game just hit the market like a freight train, The Forest is a survival horror game and the developers really emphasized on the survival part. After surviving a plane crash on a mysterious island, the player has to scavenge supplies, create shelter and weapons to fight the islands cultic inhabitants, it gets worse each night the character survives.


3) Amnesia a Machine For Pigs: The sequel to Amnesia the Dark Descent, a Machine for Pigs takes place in Victorian London where the character has to find their children and discover their past events that drive the story while being chased around a huge dark factory by angry pig people.


2) Five Nights at Freddy’s: In this game the player is a night security guard at a pizza parlor where the animatronic animals wander around at night trying to get the character as they slowly run out of power. One of the ways this game becomes scary is when one of the animatronic animals sit outside the characters office as the clock slowly ticks…who would want this job?


1) Outlast: A game that can creep anyone out, the player is a reporter that explores an insane asylum where inhabitants are slowly losing their minds. The character is constantly being chased and because the character has no way of defense they can only record their final seconds of life.