10 Things to Think About Within the First Week of Getting Braces

10 Things to Think About Within the First Week of Getting Braces

1. Your teeth won’t hurt at first, but beware, they will be irritable to most foods later.

2. Wear chap stick because your lips will get dry.

3. Recommended foods to eat over the first couple of days: (in order from softest to not as soft) soup, yogurt, smoothies, avocados, bananas and pasta. When eating, chop all your food up into tiny pieces and stick it in the back of your mouth. DO NOT try to tear anything with your front teeth, it is beyond painful.

4. The wax the doctor will give you is helpful for preventing sores in your mouth, but the wax is also challenging to peel off.

5. Feel free to be paranoid about getting food stuck in your teeth, because it happens. All. The. Time.

6. You can’t eat popcorn. I am guessing that the doctor already said that, but here’s why: it could either pop off one of your brackets or find it’s way in between your teeth in a spot that can never be reached by brushing or flossing. Solution: popcorn without kernels.

7. Be aware of the fact that at this point in time, your parents will do just about anything for you… Within reason!

8. Bring something to school to clean your teeth with, whether it’s a toothbrush, mouthwash, or a Christmas tree brush.

9. Get a water pick, they have been known to be not only quicker, but also much more effective than floss.

10. Smiling seems to help, although that may just be a matter of opinion.