Senior Prank


Photo credit: Ms. Zundel

On January 12, at 1:30 am the Ashland Police Department arrived at Ashland High School, hoping to catch thirty seniors pulling a prank.

Senior pranks have been a standing tradition at most high schools in the United States for a long time. Some infamous pranks are: letting three pigs loose labeled 1, 2 and 4, putting a cow on the top floor of an outdoor building. At our very own Ashland High, students put a tireless car on blocks on the half moon (Class of 2014) and the class of 2012 created a beach on the quad out of kitty pools and sand. Seniors view pranks as a right of passage or rebellion. Ironically, it is considered a way to move forward into adulthood. In most years at Ashland High, pranks have been harmless stemming from the idea, “Notice us! We’re almost done!” But this year a prank ensued that was not harmless and caused around thirty high school seniors to be suspended.

A senior student acquired a master key to the high school and then proceeded to plan the prank. On January 11, in the morning a senior began to invite other seniors to join in the prank using the app Snapchat. Following the initial invites, other Snapchats were sent out and people were also invited in person. The seniors met at the high school in the early morning hours and proceeded to move old Christmas trees from the Lincoln Parking Lot onto the quad. They then opened three science classrooms and began moving out all the furniture onto the quad. They piled desks and chairs onto the peaks of the English building and hung desks off railings in front of the District Office parking lot. Another part of the prank was throwing glitter onto the quad. The alarm system was triggered when they entered the classrooms. The alarm company then called the police and the police made their way to the high school. By the time law enforcement arrived, none of the seniors remained; just the aftermath of what they had done.

Ashland High School has outdoors cameras covering its campus and these were used to identify the students involved in the prank. The organizer of the prank was suspended for three days.  It brought to question whether the student should be charged by the police department for entering a building illegally. However, there were no charges filed against the students. All the other students involved were suspended for one day, have to complete twenty hours of community service for the high school and had to write three apology letters (one to each science teacher whose classroom was emptied).

Moving forward senior pranks are always going to exist as well as the other types of traditions seniors have. Seniors at Ashland High School still have other fun traditions to look forward to. For example; senior skip day, wearing Burger King crowns at the final assembly and orchestra students can wear crazy outfits to their last concert. Senior year is the year to create memories, have a good time with friends and relax once you have figured out your after-graduation plan.