Happy Holiday Homework!


Winter break: a time to relax, celebrate the holidays and hang out with friends and family. However, for some students,  there is the daunting reality of holiday homework.  It can be more than just a bother, depending on how much you receive, but some students have it worse than others.

Most students will be happy to know that the majority of the teachers who responded to the Rogue News survey said that they will be giving either no homework, or just a normal homework assignment.

In AP Literature, with Ms. Healey, the class is assigned to read Moby Dick. It’s a whale of a book, and Ms. Healey says that it should take the students about 750 minutes, or twelve and a half hours, to read.

Mr. Miller thinks that his students will have less than two hours of homework, if it’s any more, they’re not focusing on the task at hand.

AP U.S. History, with Mr. Huard, is being assigned 3 chapters of reading at about 2 hours each. It is an expected 6 hours of homework over the break. Mr. Huard “wants student to spend time with their families and enjoy a break during the holidays.” However, the fast track of the AP US History schedule means that AP kids will be receiving homework.

AP Language and Composition, with Ms. Wallace, will need to read a book over the break and be prepared to write an essay when they return.

Ms. Guo said, “我们有寒假作业 (winter homework),在星期三之前 (before) 我会(will) 给(give) 你。” Chinese students have fun figuring out your winter homework!

Mr. Gabriel wants his ninth grade students to read a book over the break. His AP World History class will be receiving a regular assignment over the break.

If you happen to be one of the fortunate individuals in these classes, good luck with your holiday homework! If not, count your blessings and enjoy your holiday cheer!