World AIDS Day


Scientists speculate a chimpanzee in West Africa was the source of the HIV infection. It was transferred to humans when people came in contact with chimpanzee blood after hunting them. The HIV infection spread rapidly and has currently infected 33 million people worldwide. The impact of and fight against AIDS is recognized each year on Dec. 1.

This year the Global Citizen Corps, at Ashland High School, hosted an event on Dec. 1 in recognition of World AIDS Day. Students and staff members came to school in red. Red attire could be spotted throughout the day, but as lunch came to an end, the Quad turned into a sea of crimson. Students gathered as GCC members shared their knowledge of AIDS. Brief facts on HIV/AIDS were presented, and the activity ended with a photo. The collaborative photo reinforced Ashland High School’s participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS. AHS students and staff members stood in the formation of an AIDS ribbon that encircled the Half Moon. Photos were taken and sent to the White House. This project demonstrated Ashland High School’s collective commitment to meet the Millennium Development Goal to halt or reverse the spread of HIV by 2015. For more information, visit