Verloop leaves AHS

By Elle Swarttouw and Taylor Patterson

In these four years characterized as the best of our lives, there are moments when we feel as if there is nowhere to turn.  Some of us have family, others have friends and we all our teachers, mentors, the little lights lining our darkest tunnels.  Ashland High School is losing one of our brightest, Health teacher Cecily Verloop.

“I’m devastated because I’ve been working at AHS for 13 years,” Mrs. Verloop said.  Earlier this school year, Verloop’s husband was let go from the finance department at Harry and David, forcing Mr. Verloop to look for jobs outside of the Rogue Valley.  After months of looking, Mr. Verloop was selected to work for Pier 1 Imports headquarters in Fortworth, Texas. The Verloop family, both optimistic and melancholic about leaving Southern Oregon are picking up and moving to Texas by the end of this month.  April 27 was Mrs. Verloop’s last day here at AHS.

“Closing this chapter has been really hard,” Mrs. Verloop said. Mrs. Verloop has received boundless support from staff and students at AHS.

Fortunately the Pier 1 Imports corporation has made the adjustment easier for the Verloop’s by supplying furnished temporary housing as well as covering all travel costs.

Mrs. Verloop is leaving AHS with a message integral to her experiences here and what she has both taught and learned time and time again, “think about yourself and the things you do because it impacts those around you.” Mrs. Verloop will be sorely missed by faculty and the student body.