Military Drones

There’s something unsettling about drones. People always seem to be worried about the concept of a machine that can rain down death and destruction on unwitting foes of America, without the pilots having to take any risks (the pilots do have the highest suicide rate for any profession after all; however, the drones are America’s strongest tool in the fight against the Islamofascist communist terrorists that oppose it.

Many Americans think that the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden means that the terrorist menace of Al-Qaeda has been defeated, but they are dead wrong. Even though the evil organization has been wounded, it is far from killed. Splinter cells of Al-Qaeda exist all over the Arab speaking world, and they act autonomously from the main Al-Qaeda branch. Many of them will seek revenge for the recent killing of Bin Laden and terrorist attack seems imminent.

Drones are the strongest tool that America has in the fight for freedom. They rain death on the enemy where they live. North Waziristan is a region so dangerous that even the Pakistan army is afraid to attack, and because it is in Pakistan, American foot soldiers are forbidden from attacking there. The Taliban has relative free reign there, and Al-Qaeda has a new safe haven. It is called Talibanistan for a reason. Drones are successful weapons because they can penetrate into the tribal regions and hover, gaining intelligence for up to 20 hours at a time before making the final strike. Each drone strike represents another terrorist killed and another American life saved.