Book Fines


As the end of the school year approaches, many students are realizing that there are costly book fines on their accounts. As frightening as this is, the issue must be resolved, and many choose to do so at the last minute. Questions such as “How did this happen?” are asked and perhaps an overdue library book or even an aged textbook is returned. “I have seen some textbook fines over $200,” says Judy Kimball, the school librarian. For some, it is too late, and the fines must be paid, reducing precious college or personal funds.

In the past, seniors either didn’t realize that these fines existed, forgot about them or simply refused to pay them. This is not the best solution, because a student with fines of any kind is not granted a diploma after graduation. That’s right: not given a diploma, nothing. Judy Kimball in the library has confirmed that many have come upon this fate, but never fear; the worst that the school can do is to simply hold on to the diploma until the fines have been paid. In order to keep from accumulating these fines, remember to return books to the library, check borrowed textbooks back in to teachers and ask Judy to check your account in the library if you think that you may have checked something out and forgotten about it.