Summer Online Classes


With summer quickly approaching, school is winding down, but summer online classes are only beginning.

“Summer classes are a great opportunity for students who need to make up missing credits or make room for other classes their junior and senior years,” counselor Steve Smith says.

There are two different programs that you can use: Southern Oregon Online and Brigham Young University (BYU). Southern Oregon Online is all done at home within the term provided and it is $270 per class. BYU is done online except for the final which must be supervised by a proctor. BYU allows one year to complete the class from the day you sign up and costs $126 per class. Both programs require you to get at least a C grade in order for the credit to be accepted by a college, but any passing grade will be accepted by the high school.

All anyone has to do to take online classes is tell their counselor why they want to take a class online and then sign up through their counselor. Time is running out to sign up, so go talk to your counselor if you are interested and take advantage of this great opportunity.